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What is PS IMAGO Portal Cloud?
PS IMAGO Portal is a solution that enables gathering in one place an analytical information relevant to the functioning of the company or organization. An universal platform of the distribution of analytical reports and dashboard information, allowing authorized users to access reports using a web browser. PS IMAGO Portal Cloud is an option that gives a possibility of using safe and at the same time also easily accessible environment of sharing analytical reports without additional costs.

Any company or organization with the right license for PS IMAGO PRO also own rights to use PS IMAGO Portal Cloud solution. It is enough that you or other authorized person from your company will create it using PS IMAGO Portal Cloud installer. The portal installation itself is fully automatic.
The only thing you need to start the installation process is the information about the license for Predictive Solutions software, such as the license number and activation code that is disposed by the license protector at your organization. Contact him if you want to install the Portal yourself or provide this information to an authorized person.
An exemplary document explaining where to look for this information:
For this purpose, prepare necessary information about the license for Predictive Solutions software, complete the form and start the installation. The Portal installation itself is fully automatic and contains four steps:

1. Fill out the registration form,
2. Receive the mail with a link to installer, 3. Click the link from the email that will launch the installation process, 4. Choose the name carefully for your portal, Finished! Now, you can log in to your portal.
Reports are published and stored on servers in the cloud. Access to them have authorized employees of the company or organization from any device with Internet access.
Portal in the cloud uses professional IT solutions, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to the Portal and full security of collected reports and data. Access to published content takes place through a secure communication protocol with the SSL certificate. Only people with appropriate permissions have an access to the portal. The access rights will be given and managed by the administrator, a person chosen by your Organization. Predictive Solutions takes care of the smooth functioning of the system and systematically makes a copy of your organization's portal security along with the whole content.